The STS philosophy is simple: to provide safe transportation to our clients at a fair price and to be more responsive to those clients than anyone else in our industry.

STS is about solutions. STS began in 1995 as School Transportation Solutions. Inc.  

In response to the consolidation of smaller contractors and the eventual formation of mega-sized contractors. The problem was: large contractors became unresponsive. The solution was and still is: stay small, flexible and always, always respond.

Although we have abbreviated our name to expand our base, our philosophy hasn’t changed. Our small size is our strength and our clients appreciated it.

Staying small means that we can provide the highest quality equipment not the cheapest.

Training and Updated Safe Equipment: the two most important components to our single mission: transporting children and adults safely. Our drivers are drug tested; all have background checks and are not only trained but continually trained. In some cases, we operate our client’s equipment; in others we provide our own. Unlike the “big guys” we don’t “bid” our equipment and are not subjected to buying the cheapest. Thus, we exclusively operate Thomas school buses, Turtle Top, StarTrans and Starcraft vans and minibuses. Only the best, only the safest. We benefit, our clients benefit.

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions………

Safe transportation at a fair price and absolute responsiveness... that’s the STS commitment.